Naturally the commercial business sector, are some of the top consumers of energy in our society. Many large companies operate 24/7 utilizing lots of power, with much of it (20%-30%) consumed by lighting systems – interior as well as exterior. Proper lighting can increase productivity by lowering fatigue that can be caused by inefficient lighting systems. Visually efficient lighting system can even cause other health problems, as well as waste energy and money. There are high quality, visually efficient lighting systems available that can adapt to the daylight available in the work places (offices, warehouses, factories, etc.) and save 20%-70% in energy costs while maintaining productive work spaces. Sources include LED and fluorescent systems.

Specifically, in any commercial sector, the use of lighting should be investigated thoroughly, designed and installed by qualified professionals in their respective fields. With proper design and use of adaptive controls the new system will pay for itself in higher productivity, lower energy and maintenance costs in a relatively short period of time 2-6 years. System life using quality products will be 10-15 years before major maintenance must be performed, with 20-25 year useful life.


Advantages of Commercial LED Lighting:

  • Well designed LED luminaires/systems that control glare, and provide proper source color for highest visual efficacy (not necessarily the “brightest”) should be considered, remembering the lighting upgrade is an investment, not an expense.
  • While rated life of LED systems claims to be 50,000 hours it will depend on the facilities’ power quality, and control of heat where the luminaires are located. Heat lowers system component life such as in non aircondtioned spaces. High heat (+105 F) areas can cause up to 60% lower system life.

Every decision maker should take environment improvements into consideration these days, along with employee health to create a better work place that can effect the quality of life for everyone.


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