Selecting the best LED color temperature is very important to the result of the light quality for any application.What Is the Best LED Color Temperature ?
LED light sources come in a variety of Color (Kelvin) Temperatures, such as 3000K
(warm/pinkish), 4000K (produces the most natural light color), and 5000K (lots of blue/cool
spectrum), and even higher.
The warmer (3000K temperatures) are great for most any interior residential lighting
applications, but some people prefer the slightly higher (4000K) temperature for both interior
and exterior lighting applications because it produces the most accurate color rendering of all
objects viewed by color cameras and our own eyes.
The higher color temperatures (5000K and above) contain lots of “blue” spectrum. The bluer
spectrum produces more visual brightness sensation (glare) to our eyes, especially at night
(dusk to dawn) because our eyes shift in sensitivity toward the bluer spectrum then.
The brighter “sensation” can also create more “glare” making it more difficult to see and
which our eyes do not like to process,. This includes “direct” (from the light source and
luminaire) and “reflected” (from shiny surfaces which include wet streets and roadways, glass,
chrome, etc). This can be called nuisance glare, discomfort glare, and disability glare which
relate to the “intensity” of the source or reflection.
We use light to light things up (illuminate objects/people) in order to identify them, not to look
at the sources. When the higher spectrum sources are used, object colors do not appear as
they should. Colors are distorted under too high or even to low of color temperature, no matter
what the source of light used (metal halide, high pressure sodium, fluorescent or LED). Linear
lighting systems such as Magnaray® offers helps reduce glare and provides higher “seeability”
(visual acuity). We offer linear LED and linear fluorescent sources at this time.
We normally recommend using the middle color temperature (4000K) for any interior or
exterior lighting application.
Magnaray® offers energy and visually efficient lighting products for most all outdoor lighting
applications, and exterior or interior stairwells, corridors, parking garages, gyms, security,
signs, etc.
We can provide design assistance, installation, and financing if needed.

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