Airport, City Hall, Police Station, Parking Deck/Garage, Tennis Courts, and Recycling Center and Play Park
Bud Hall of Hall Electric in Watsonville, CA knew there was a better way to light the City Hall parking lot, improving light quality while saving lots of energy. They replaced the 100 watt metal halide lights (130 total watts) with Magnaray® #W1PL36 units using only 40 (total) watts of energy. That is a 69% savings in energy, but the main positive result, is that everyone can “see” better. Lamps have very low mercury content.

police deptEnergy savings is 78%!
The police station used high pressure sodium (HPS) lighting that did not allow the security cameras to function properly due to poor color rendering, so they ask Bud what he could do to help them. Bud replaced all the HPS 250 (295 total watts) and 400 watt (480 total watts), with Magnaray®’s #W2PL50 (106 total watts). They can now “see” correct car, clothing, and skin colorations, and the cameras work fine.

Energy Savings is 87%
Next the tennis Teaching Pro, John Tarr wanted some new Tennis Court lighting to replace the aging 1500 watt metal halides that were creating complaint calls from neighbors due to light trespass, and unwanted glare (obtrusive light). Bud replaced each 1500 watt (1690 total watts) metal halide fixture with Magnaray®’s #W4PL5096 units at 216 total watts. Players claim they have “more light” and the 3 court system is saving the Parks and Recreation Department lots of energy, and maintenance costs. More play is occurring nightly. “We have light where we never had it before!” says Tarr.

tennis court lightingThe local play park was also lighted using Magnaray®’s #W1PL50 mounted on 16’ poles to create an evenly lighted 1.1 acre area, using only 6 luminaires with a total of 318 watts.

Products are sustainable being made from anodized aluminum, with stainless steel hardware. Lamps last 30,000+ hours, and maintain 90% lumen output for 90% life. Ballasts are warranted from manufacturer for 100,000 hours. A five year warranty is provided (lamp, abuse excepted), which translates into a 20-25 year useful life.

Also converted were the local airport parking lot (with ramp lighting conversion coming next), the truck maintenance garage, the parking garage deck, with interior of garage being converted to 2-20 watt units, as the 100 watt metal halides burn out, and the recycling center, which was going to use 400 watt metal halides, but was changed to the #W4PL5096 Magnaray® unit using only 216 watts of “instant-on” lighting, for 55% savings in energy, plus now operating hours are saved, since lights can be energized when needed.

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Watsonville,CA City Facility Photos – courtesy Magnaray® International

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