News Release

Bradenton, Florida
May, 2016

Magnaray® International has been honored with the Founding Life Member status by the International Dark Sky Association, by Scott Feierabend, Executive Director.

IDA SealSince 1988 Magnaray® has provided insight and support to assist IDA in developing new strategies for a variety of outdoor lighting applications that help lower negative effects of Light At Night (LAN). Included are parking lot, area, and security lighting applications that use either linear LED or fluorescent sources that minimize both, reflective and direct glare. These systems provide high visually efficient lighting results, and lower energy and maintenance costs.

Magnaray® began producing the visually end energy efficient lighting systems in 1964.

Clients include US Air Force, US Navy, US Marine Corp, US Army, US Coast Guard, US Border Patrol, along with State and Federal prisons. Nearly 30 detention centers, including many industrial and commercial shopping centers, auto dealerships, hotels and business centers have reduced their carbon footprint drastically with Magnaray® lighting equipment that provides 25 years useful life, and typically over 14 year replacement source maintenance costs.

For more information contact:
Magnaray® International
PO Box 990
Bradenton, Fl 34206

P: 941 755-2111
F: 941 751-5483

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