The proper Sports Lighting system always plays a significant role in both indoor and outdoor sports facilities. Many factors must be considered selecting the best lighting system for sports venues. When it comes to indoor games, the lighting system must provide very good color rendering, low glare, uniform lighting results. Any glare in the players viewing scene can cause short term “retinal bleaching”, and could become a turning point of the entire game. Therefore, the luminaires must have the excellent optic quality and should illuminate the entire playing zones uniformly, with little to no direct or reflected glare, and very good color quality.

Indoor sports lighting:

For many indoor sports facilities fluorescent luminaires have been and are widely utilized as a lighting source providing good energy conservation, maintenance results and good light quality. Most importantly, the positioning of the Sports Lighting in the indoor venue is vital. Together, proper product, design, and installation will insure a good result,

For indoor games such as basketball, tennis, volleyball or other sports the entire playing area should be clearly visible. To keep the system in good operating condition, luminaires have to be cleaned and maintained periodically. With more and more sports activities arranged for late night, indoor Sports Lighting must be designed, installed and maintained properly.

Most end users are not aware of the complete needs and requirements for high quality lighting systems. Levels of lighting for sporting activity can vary for every specific class of game.

  • Top levels of international games competition, require the lighting system to meet very high-standards since most are televised.
  • Some college and high school systems do not need the higher light levels, but do need all the other factors discussed for lighting quality.
  • For exterior home use, lighting levels can be even lower to not disturb neighbors, but still provide the same light quality factors for other venues.
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