Admiral Thomas Condominium Apartments | Case Study

W1PL13 | W1PL36

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Russ Kulinski, Resident Manager, of Admiral Thomas Condominium As- sociation, Honolulu, Hawaii requested proposals for entrance landscape lighting from local designers in February of 2004.  One firm selected metal haliwde luminaires of 35 watt (54 total watts each) and 70 watt (94 total watts each), plus 1 – 1000 watt metal halide roof mounted. Total wattage for the 34 recommended fixtures was  over 3,500  watts.  Cost  with installation was nearly $39,000. Tom  Brennan   of  Eco-Lite  also  provided   a  proposal  using  Magnaray® W1PL13 floods (15 total watts  each),  and  W1PL36 (40 total watts  each). Tom used  a total of 20 fixtures with a total wattage of 475 watts,  or a sav- ings of 86% in energy costs. Equipment cost was just under $5,000, and labor at $1,000. It sounded too good to be true, so Tom offered a night-time demonstration. The demo proved worthwhile for all concerned, and was accepted. In 2005,  Admiral Thomas  Condominium  Apartments were  recognized  by the Hawaii Section  of the Illuminating Engineers  Society with a Certificate of Award for Outstanding Energy Efficiency Lighting Design.

Product and Lamp:

  • 10 – W1PL13 / 13w PL
  • 10 – W1PL36 / 36w Twin T5


  • Savings 86+% In Energy Costs!
  • Highly Uniform Flood Lighting
  • Accent Lighting To Enhance The Environment

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