Club Social Y Deportivo de Chihuahua


Magnaray® #W4PT5096EB

Project Summary:

Britania Sports  Club in Chihuahua  wanted  to improve the lighting quality of their main tennis court, while reducing energy and maintenance costs, as well as glare that disrupt tennis players.  Existing 8 1500  watts  HID metal Halide sport  type fixture provided  lots of glare, shadows and color shift.

As you can see in the photos on the following page, there were many “hot spots” making light on the court not uniform, heavy shadows, and glare which  was  causing  players  to  “loose” the  ball while playing. Also other courts near the main, causes glare and discomfort on the players.

Britania decided to try the new W4PT5096EB array replacing one per pole. Each  array has  4 W4PL5096EB  (848 watts  per array) for a total of 5,088 watts for the complete court. The result was a 93% light uniformity, no glare and a great color rendition. Noise levels were also reduced. (Magnetic bal- last hum). Players perceive  and “see” the ball and they do not “loose” the ball while playing.

Glare Free, No Shadows

Product and Lamp:

  • 8 – #W4PT5096EB


  • Energy Savings = 62%
  • Glare-Free Illumination
  • High Degree Of Uniformity,
  • Lighting Levels Increased
  • Safety Increased
  • Lowest Initial Cost

Before Installation:
Total watts on the court 1,680  x 8 = 13,440 watts

After Installation:
Total watts on the court 848 x 6 = 5,088  watts

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