Eagle Pass Border Patrol Station | Texas


Magnaray® #W4PL5096 - High Color Visibility

Project Summary:

Since  2004,  the  USBP  Service  has  investigated  using  Magnaray®  prod- ucts  at Border Patrol Stations  because of the improved quality of light, its “Instant-On” ability, and lower energy costs. The first night of operation,  at a California station,  6 would be  illegals that  normally wouldn’t have  been seen, were caught. It is estimated that it would cost $100,000 to catch and prosecute each,  so the system  saved  them $600,000 its first night of use! In 2006, the system  at Eagle Pass, Tx was determined to be beyond  repair, and a new Magnaray® system was procured. The old system used 400 watt HID luminaires, which were replaced, 1 for 1 with the #W4PL5096, @ 212 total watt units. Hourly savings is 56%, but since the Magnaray® units are  “Instant-On”,  a control  system  allows the  lights to be  on  only when needed, while the HID had to operate 24/7. BP Agents are very happy with the results,  stating  they can  “see” better,  and  claim to have  “more light”, even though  fewer rated  lumens  are being used.  They can  process more cars  in less time, and “seeing better” allows them to be more thorough.

Note good color rendering, great uniformity.


Luminaires energized during daytime hours as required.

Product and Lamp:

  • W4PL5096


  • 78% Energy Savings
  • Lighting Levels Doubled
  • Visibility Increased
  • Inspection Times Decreased
  • Instant–On Saves  Energy

Annual energy savings is estimated at over $12,000/year with the following chemical pollution savings.

  • CO2 = 17,600+ pounds/year
  • SO2 = 48670+ grams/year
  • NO = 57,667 grams/year
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