Macy's | Brooklyn, NY

W1PL50, W2PL50, W4PL50

Magnaray® #W2PL50 High Color Recognition

Project Summary:

Macy’s (Brooklyn) basement shops look a whole lot brighter,  but they are saving  77%+  in energy  cost  over  metal  halide  originally designed. Felix Tsimmerman  of Mader,  Smyth,  Buyyounouski  and  Assoc.,  engineer  was very pleased, along with all the folks at Macy’s. They loved the use of mo- tion sensors, to take savings from 50% for just lighting load, to the 77% level with sensors.

Everyone thinks it is the best  indoor lighting system  they have  ever seen. While light levels were measured from 50 to 100 “photopic” fc’s, the quality and uniformity of the system is fantastic. All units were put on motion sen- sors to save maximum amounts of energy, and reduce maintenance costs.

Programmed start ballasts  keep  lamp life where it belongs. A combination of W1PL50, W2PL50, and W4PL50, all having the same multi-lamp, multi- voltage ballast was used.  Now only one lamp type and one ballast type are needed in maintenance inventory. More savings!



Magnaray® #W4PL50, Uniform Light Distribution

Product and Lamp:

  • W1PL50
  • W2PL50
  • W4PL50


  • Energy Savings
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • Increased Safety
  • Increased Visibility
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