Marine Corps Air Station Main Gate | Miramar, CA

W1PL50, W4PL5096

Before - 4 sets of 2 x 150 Par 38 Inc. Floods

Project Summary

The main gate  of MCAS, Mir Mar since  9/11  has  been  using (7) portable generators which use  (4) – 1000  Watt metal  halide fixtures per  unit for a total of 33,040 watts.

As you can see  from above,  the lighting effect had many “hot” and “cold” spots, making it difficult to see.  This made  it almost impossible for a guard to see  details  on an coming  vehicle. Once  a vehicle arrived at the guard shack  for identification prior to entry on the base, light was  very irregular due to the spot  effect of the floods (both 1000 Watt MH, and the 150 Watt Par lamps), which then intensified problems with glare.

The combined effect  made  it almost  impossible  to determine  the  occu- pants  of a vehicle, and any potential contraband. It was impossible  to see occupants on the far side or back  seat  of a vehicle, which is the most  important  task for the guard.  The (7) portable  generators were replaced with seven (7) 15’ (A.G.) poles and Magnaray® four light fixture arrays  (with 50 Watt HIF lamps) for a total wattage of 5,936 watts.

As you can see, with the Magnaray®  HIF fixtures, light is even, with reduced glare, producing even, consistent high color rendering results for a “what you see is what you have” approach with no hot and dark spots or high glare factors.

Guards  now have little or no problem reading identification badges or identifying occupants in the passenger side or rear of vehicle. The reduction in size of the emergency generator helped pay for the cost of entire project.

After Magnaray® W1PL50 - “Recognition increased”

 Product and Lamp:

  • W4PL5096
  • W1PL50


  • Energy Savings
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • Increased Safety
  • Increased Visibility
  • Increased Visibility


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