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Gate operation begins before sunrise so high quality lighting for security personnel and cameras is required. A lighting system that provides very high color rendering and low glare provides the solution. The choice between LED and proven fluorescent technology was given. Fluorescent – 60,000 hour life lamps (twin T5) were selected since replacement lamps can be purchased at any electrical supply company but replacement LED light engines must be purchased from luminaire manufacturer. A canine unit also operates at this gate

The 3 light levels are obtained by using 2 lighting circuits (mechanical dimming). Even illumination is provided using any of the lighting combinations. Both circuits “on” provide superior, instant on illumination, no color shift from luminaire to luminaire, 90% lumen maintenance, for 90% source life. Water clear acrylic lens keep the lamp, and reflector clean. Lens can be cleaned while luminaires are operating.

Circuit #1 uses only 8 of 18 luminaires during lower traffic volume periods. Note that the uniformity remains the same no matter how many luminaires are used at one time. The twin T5 lamps provide 60,000 hours of life, with no color shift from luminaire to luminaire, and provide 90% lumen maintenance for 90% life (54,000 hours).

Circuit #2 uses 10 of the 18 luminaires during medium volume traffic periods. As the sun rises circuits can be adjusted to provide the lighting level needed for safe and secure inspection of vehicles, while saving maximum energy. No “hot spots” of light exist in any one of the 3 lighting levels. Instant on capability is highly appreciated by the gate inspection team.

Project Information

Luminaire used: W4PL50EB (aka W4PL5096) Wattage per luminaire:212 total watts (4 x twin T5 50/41)

Total square footage: 5,000
Total wattage all units: 3,816
Wattage/square foot, both circuits: (.76)
Wattage/square foot, circuit #1: (.34)
Wattage/square foot, circuit #2: (.42)

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