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Increased Perception of Light Levels

Project Summary:

When a Mini Storage Warehouse management company wanted to reduce lighting energy cost, they contacted San Juan Lighting for input. Eduardo Magdalena, AIA recommended using Magnaray® #W1PL50 units to re- place the 150 watt HPS wall packs previously used. The security cameras prefer the “white light” produced by the Magnaray® units using 4100K twin T5 lamps.  The lighting is now  visually efficient, instant-on, and  is saving over 72% in energy costs. One facility was retrofitted very successfully  and now all new construction projects use the Magnaray® system. Most proj- ects use only 40 luminaires. The newest facility also uses solar panels as a grid-tie system  selling excess generation  to the Puerto  Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA).

Note good color rendering, great uniformity, reduced glare and light where it is needed. Staggered design with 90’ same side spacing.

PV panels are roof mounted; tie into a system inverter to operate all interior AC and lighting, as well as all exterior luminaires.


CO2 = 2,798+  pounds/year
SO2 = 7,725  + grams/year
NO = 9,153+  grams/year

Solar Panels Feed Battery / Inverter System

Product and Lamp:

  • W1PL50


  • 72% Reduced Energy
  • Reduced Maintenance
  • Increased Visibility

Annual energy savings is estimated at over ($.14Kwhr) $3,600+/year with the following chemical pollution savings:

  • CO2 = 2,798+  pounds/year
  • SO2 = 7,725  + grams/year
  • NO = 9,153+  grams/year

Data Source = EPA

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