Misawa Air Force Base | Japan


High Color / Object Recognition and Visibility

Project Summary:

When William Bunch, Resource Efficiency Manager (REM) from Tetra Tech, Inc., (Misawa AB) heard  from AEE’s Brian Douglas  what we had  done  for Miramar MCAS, he contacted us to see if we could also assist them in “Base Entrance  Lighting” applications. After discussing the potential “snow load”, it was decided to use our 4’ arrays to replace the proposed 1,000 watt metal halide system. Biggest  reason  is better  security since  our units are “instant-on”, produce very high color quality, and provide an awesome 80+% in energy savings.

Each pole uses 4-106 watt #W2PL50, 2 lamp, twin T5 lamped units to replace 2 – 1,000 watt metal halides to produce the energy savings. The utility rate is $.17 (USD), so the savings is very substantial. Harsh shadows were avoided  when  using  linear sources, which is extremely  important  in Homeland Security applications. Snow load was a factor in using the 4 light – 4’ arrays vs the 2 light – 8’ arrays.

Note: There are no lights installed yet in the “Inspection Hut”, itself. Ground mounted units will be  installed to light the  basic  area,  and  really light up under-carriages of vehicles.

Each pole uses 2-Magnaray® W2PT5048 “arrays”. Total load/pole is 424 watts with ballast loss. Lamps maintain 90% light output for 90% life, which is 50,000 hours  using a program  rapid start ballast, and 2 twin T5 lamps, when operated on a 12+ hour burn cycle.

Close up of mounting detail for Magnaray® W2PT5048 arrays, using “off the shelf” pole mounting hardware”. Poles are round, hollow concrete, both fixtures and poles  designed for years of service. Fixtures have 5 year writ- ten warranty (lamps/abuse excepted), which normally translates into 20-25 year useful life.

High Perceived Light Levels

Product and Lamp:

  • W2PT5048


  • Energy Savings
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • Increased Safety
  • Increased Visibility


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