Newtown Community Center Retrofit

W4PT5096, W4PY5096

Magnaray® W4PY5096

Project Summary

Newtown Community Recreation Center needed to replace aging their HID Tennis, Volley and  Basketball  lighting system, and  asked  Tom Brennan  of ECO-LITE, Honolulu to bring in the best  solution, that would save  energy, and improve lighting quality.

Tom immediately contacted Magnaray International to see how this could be accomplished. The timing was right, since Magnaray had just developed their new “array” lighting design,  which uses  combinations of their 8’ lumi- naires that can use a variety of lamp types.

Selected for these applications, was the #W4PL5096, 212 watt luminaire (each using 4-PL50/41 lamps) with either 2 or 4 luminaires per array, de- pending on location (see page 2). The 2 light arrays were used on the Vol- leyball and  Basketball  courts,  while the  4 light arrays  were  used  on  the double tennis courts.

A total of 42-400 watt HID’s were removed, and replaced with 40-212 watt Magnaray® W4PL5096 units for a savings of 55+% in energy use. All sys- tems  are  now  “instant-on”  (can be  turned  off when  not  needed), so  ad- ditional energy savings can be accomplished over the old HID system. For this facility, 83% total savings.

Existing poles were used,  but wind loading pole data  needs to be verified for each job location. New poles may sometimes be needed. Checking with a local engineer, and the pole manufacturer is all that is necessary. (Extra poles not removed.) Some other positive features  of the twin T5 fluorescent system  are long lamp life (50,000 hours when used  with program  start bal- lasts), and higher maintained light output (90% light at 90% life)

High Uniformity, Shdow Free

Product and Lamp:

  • W4PT5096
  • W4PY5096


  • 83% Energy Savings
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • Increased Safety
  • Increased Visibility
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