Parking Garage Retrofit | Honolulu, HI


Before - 150W HPS

Project Summary:

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When  Kaiser Permanente Chief Engineer,  Garrett  Oguma  wanted  to im- prove the lighting quality of his parking garage structure, while reducing energy and maintenance costs, he contacted Tom Brennan  of Eco-Lite, in Honolulu for assistance. Tom thought  that this would be an excellent op- portunity to use Magnaray as the best  solution available.

Existing 150  watt HPS (174 total watts  each)  wall packs  provided  lots of glare, but not truly visible lighting (S/P ratio = .45) Many days, the lights are on 24 hours  per day, because of cloudy weather. Because of the existing quantity of HPS units, it was determined to use the Magnaray #W1PL36 (45 total watts each) adjustable flood unit, with clear lens that provides bet- ter quality lighting results (S/P ratio of lamp is 1.62).

A single fixture demonstration convinced  the facility manager to make  the change. Tom contacted Hawaii Electric to see  if a rebate  was available for this application. Once all the numbers were crunched, the utility provided a large rebate, based on their specific use!

Savings per year for electricity and maintenance costs for are $30,427! See next page.  The fixtures pay for themselves in one year (install not included) not counting  the rebate. With rebate  the system  pays  for itself in less than one year!


After - W1PL36, High Uniformity

Product and Lamp:

  • W1PL36


  • Reduced Energy
  • Reduced Maintenance
  • Increased Safety
  • Increased Visibility
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