Federal Buildings | San Francisco, CA


Before - 150W High Pressure

Project Summary:

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This project covers  the access between two federal buildings on Sansome Street in Downtown San Francisco. The area is used for government parking of Homeland Security and loading, unloading, and transfer of federal prisoners associated with security to our nation.

This area  had  been  using High Pressure Sodium,  creating  an orange  col- ored glow with glare at the source, but very litle useable light. The fixtures were using 1.2 amps of power each, and required constant maintenance with short lamp life. Due to the critical nature of the work performed, light and security are a high priority.

Fixtures were up-graded from high pressure sodium (1.2 Amp/unit) fixtures to our Magnaray® #W1PL50  (.5 amp/unit)  fixtures for energy  savings  of 55+%.  While energy  reduction  is always  a goal,  the  main objective  here was  to provide  security  for the  officers and  employees of the  Homeland Security and other government agencies, which use this area constantly. The main goal of increased security was met with a 400+% increase in use- able light, while our secondary goal of energy reduction  was accomplished with 55+% savings.

After - Magnaray® 50W of white light, accurate color rendition

Product and Lamp:

  • W1PL50


  • 55+% Energy Savings
  • 400+%  increase in useable light
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • Increased Safety
  • Increased Visibility
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