The Lighting of Iolani Palace | Honolulu, Hawaii



Project Summary:

Tom Brennan  of Eco–Lite Hawaii, was  contacted by the Friends  of Iolani Palace  to see  if  he had  a visually and  energy  efficient solution to provide wall washing, and façade lighting for the Palace faces. Tom contacted Mag- naray® International to request their expertise. After several discussions, a demonstration was conducted, and 28 of the Magnaray® #W2PL50, at 106 (total) watts were installed. This permanently mounted system replaced 32 portable  400  watt  quartz  lighting fixtures that  had  to be  set  up for every function, and removed afterward. The same quantity metal halide system was rejected due to potential color shifts of the lamps.

Day and night photos show even illumination that enhances the Palace’s features.  Energy Savings is greater  than 77%, and, based on the total sys- tem of the Magnaray® system, lamp life has been proven to be over 50,000 hours.  even  though  published  lamp  life rating  is listed at  20,000 hours. Units are “instant on” so can be energized  when wanted  or needed, will not color shift, and have a life expectancy of 25 years.


Product and Lamp:

  • W2PL50


  • 77% Energy Savings
  • Increased Visibility
  • 50,000 Lamp Life
  • Reduced Maintenance
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