Thumb Correctional State Prison | Lapeer, MI


In 2010 the decision to convert Thumb’s perimeter security, and parking lot lighting systems was given the “go ahead” to use Magnaray® pole mounted W4PT5048, 4’ arrays.  These units replaced dual 400 watt HPS floods on the 46 perimeter poles (30’) that were spaced 125’ apart and set back 30’ from the outer security fence.

  • Correctional Officers love the white, instant-on capabilities of the system since it provides greater visual comfort, reduced glare, and much better see-ability, all while saving over 55% in energy costs for the perimeter system, while the parking lot system saves 78% in lighting energy cost.
  • The lighting system penetrates to the interior of the compound some 300’ from the poles, and provides adequate illumination to see any movement in the yard.
  • Using standard twin T5 lamps with a real life of over 48,000 hours while maintaining 90% lumen maintenance, this system is less costly to purchase, operate and maintain than LED, LEP (plasma), or any HID system.
  • Note very uniform, low glare units, with very little shadowing between security fences in front of light poles.
  • High Color Rendering 4100K sources provide much better light quality for guards’ safety and security.
  • Lower light pollution from twin T5 lamps
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