Togus VA Center | Augusta, ME

W1PL18 | W1PL36

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Togus, Maine VA Center facilities staff decided to save energy while improving lighting quality and versatility for roadways and parking areas, by using Magnaray® 106 watt, dual head twin T5 lamped units to replace 250 watt HPS shoe box luminaires.

Magnaray® 106 watt dual head units now provide reduced glare, “white light” resulting in better visual acuity (see-ability), with lamps lasting longer (up to 48,000+ hours) than LED systems. Magnaray®units maintain 90% lumen output for 90% lamp life, while LED’s provide 70% lumen output at 36,000 actual hours.

  •  High Color Rendering 4100K sources provide much better light quality for drivers and pedestrians’ safety and security.
  •  Lower light pollution from twin T5 lamps
  •  Maintenance cost reductions are also very substantial, saving thousands of dollars over the 20-25 year useful life. The $10 lamp will need changing in 10-12 years, while ballasts have normal 100,000 hours useful life.

 Magnaray® – less expensive to purchase, operate, and maintain than LED, HID, Induction, or any other source known today.

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