Toronto Hydro | Toronto, Canada

W1PL18 | W1PL36

Dual 106W arrays replace dual 400W metal halide flood lights

Project Summary

Progressive Lighting Design brought  to the attention  of Toronto Hydro’s fa- cilities department, the fact that Magnaray®’s twin T5 arrays (2 – #W2PL50 per array at, 106 watts/fixture) could reduce energy use by nearly 77%, as well as be motion sensed for even greater  savings,  so they had to try it!

The equipment yard doesn’t  need  to be illuminated all night long, but only when someone needs equipment from the yard, which is infrequent. Why operate lighting all night long, as long as they have light, when and where they need  it? It is great  for security,  as  well as  employee  usage. Existing Security cameras work as well as they did with the 400 watt metal halide units. A total of 60 units were replaced 1 for 1.

The “white” – “instant-on” light arrays provide as much, if not more, visual lighting without warm-up  or restrike time, with no color shift. For extremely cold weather, a thermal cut-on switch was incorporated, and turns on the arrays when the temp limit is reached. Weather studies proved that there were  very few days  when  the temperature dropped below 20 degrees F, so at those  temperatures, the lights could only be on 24 hours day for 2-5 days per year.

Product and Lamp:

  • W2PY5048


  • 77% Energy Savings
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • Increased Safety ‘Instant On”
  • Increased Visibility ‘White Light’
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