Vogt Recreation Center | Philadelphia, PA


Shadow Free, Glare Free, Magnaray W4C3296EB

Project Summary

Vogt Recreation Center, in Philadelphia needed a change from the antique mercury vapor lighting system installed many decades ago. Greentech Energy Services coordinated the change-out, through City of Philadelphia Energy Manager, Kent Miller, in 2001.

The change-out removed 24 – 1,000 watt mercury vapor units (total load of 26.4 kw), and replaced them with 27 – #W4C3296 Magnaray® HIF units (total load  of 4.05  kw). Each  fixture utilizes 4-F32T8/841 lamps  on  pro- grammed start  ballast,  with a  1.2  BF. Lighting energy  savings  is 84+%, while maintenance and AC costs are lower as well. Using a rate of $.08/ KwH, and 18 hours of use per day, energy and maintenance savings pro- vide over $1,000/month (lighting only) for this one facility. The City of Phila- delphia has 48 other rec centers that could use this same system. There are  no heat  problems like have  recently been  associated with linear – T5 systems.

Pollution savings are dramatic as well. More than 17,000 pounds of carbon dioxide are eliminated from the atmosphere each  year!

It is felt that the low glare system, providing quality illumination is mainly responsible for increased visibility during athletic activities.

The new  system  provides  “instant-on”  lighting (so can  be  connected to motion sensors for even more savings), uses high CRI (F32T8/841) lamps with a lamp life of nearly 50,000 hours, and 90+% lumen maintenance. The high CRI has  a definite impact  on the eye. Low exit luminance  (glare) from the fixture, contributes greatly to the visual acuity, and “see-ability” of the system. Uniformity is nearly 1.0, so the eye doesn’t have to continually adapt to brighter and darker areas  of light.

 Product & Lamp:

  • (27) W4C3296EB with (4) F32T8/841


  • 84% Energy Savings
  • Glare Free Lighting
  • Instant-on
  • 90+% Lumen Maintenance
  • 50,000 Lamp Life
  • Reduced Air-conditioning Costs


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