Waterleaf Communities | Ruskin, FL

W1PL18 | W1PL36

Magnaray #WP1PL18 with blinder

Project Summary

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Waterleaf Communities Inc. has changed sources and thinking for land- scape lighting. To light the Ruskin, Florida Welcome Center, nearly 250+ Magnaray® units were used instead of metal halide. Not only were energy funds saved, initial capital costs were reduced because fewer circuits were needed to operate the entire system.

The W1PL18 replaced 35, and 50 watt metal halide units, and the #W1PL36 replaced 70 and 100 watt metal halide units. Trees up to 15’ utilized the #W1PL18, while taller trees (20’-30’) utilized the #W1PL36. All units were painted  dark  bronze,  and  several  used  the  black,  aluminum three  sided barn door for better  lighting and glare control.

Using a KwH rate of $.08, savings per month is estimated at just less than $400. Coupled with the installation savings, the project is a very good rep- resentation of quality lighting that reduces “sky glow”, saves energy and money for its owners.

Magnaray #WP1PL36 with blinder

Product & Lamp:

  • W1PL18
  • W1PL36


  • Energy Savings
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • Increased Safety
  • Increased Visibility
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