Rule of Thumb for Sign & Billboard Lighting

For each foot back from the sign/wall, etc., each fixture will light 2 times the distance mounted
away, plus the fixture length.

Mounting distance out from the sign should be 1/3 the sign height. Example: 12′ high sign mount 4′
out from sign face.

For signs taller than 14′ we recommend lighting from top and bottom.

EXAMPLE #1: mount 1-WLED48 back 4′ from sign or wall, and it will light 10′. {4′ (back) X 2, plus 2′
(fixture length) = 10′}

EXAMPLE #2: mount 1 – WLED96 back from sign 5′. Each fixture will light 14′ of sign, etc. {5′ X 2,
plus 4′ (fixture length)= 14′}. Same sign, but can only mount 1′ from sign….{1′ X 2, plus 4′ (fixture
length) = 6′ feet of sign lighted.

Which model you use depends on the ambient light in the area, and sign height. The more light, the higher the wattage required. Ambient light has 3 categories; Rural (low), Suburban (medium), and Metropolitan (high). For Rural (low) ambient light levels, we usually use our WLED48 units; for Suburban (medium), we use WLED96, and for Metropolitan (high) ambient light we use our WLED192. Which one is really a matter of choice.

For retro fitting, use our Basic Comparison Chart. This is good for your customer to become familiar with also.

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