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Watsonville Police Dept.

Magnaray’s wide variety of luminaires can provide an energy and visually efficient solution for a variety of security lighting applications like apartment complexes, shopping centers, schools, parking garages, parking lots, churches, businesses, correctional facilities, sally ports, perimeter fence lighting, military entrances, airport entrances, airport ramps and aprons. Magnaray products utilize high color rendering sources, with controlled glare output, and wide distribution patterns for good uniformity.  Lighting system and luminaire product solutions for TSA Security check point areas, industrial plants, sea ports, freight companies, storage yards, railroad platforms and sidings are available with LED or fluorescent sources.  Both systems provide instant on lighting, with dimming capability, or other control systems, including wired or wireless controls that can be set for specific time periods, or sensed to turn off or dim whenever someone leaves the area.  By using controls, energy savings of up to 99% are available.  

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Today LEDs are still highly evolving and will continue to evolve until around 2020 according to D.O.E. sources.  LEDs are generally not useable in environment where heat temperatures run above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and are prone to lower system life in high heat environments.  Magnaray fluorescent units compare in light output and performance to LEDs of nearly the same wattage, and provide 60,000 hours of useful life while maintaining 90% lumen output, compared to 70% lumen output for LED sources, and a theoretical life of 50,000 hours.  Lamps are available from any electrical supply company and some hardware stores.  Magnaray fluorescent units can operate normally from (-25F) to 135 (F).  Arrays that use multiple luminaire quantities are available to replace 150 – 1,000 watt HID lighting systems and provide 75%+ in lighting energy costs, and over 50% in maintenance costs to create relatively short pay back periods, or return on investment. Useful luminaire life is 20-25 years.

Better Uniformity Than Metal Halide Systems

Lamp Life 20,000 Hours

Up to 77% Energy Savings
No Color Shift

Security Lighting Products

  • WLED48

  • WLED96

  • W1PL50

  • W2PL50

  • W1PL55

  • W1PL40

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