Sports Lighting Solution

Useful luminaire life is 20-25 years.

Some model numbers include: WLED20, WLED26, WLED48, WLED96, WLED192, W1PL36, W1PL50, W2PL50, W4PL50EB.

Sports Lighting Case Study - Newtown Community CenterMagnaray’s variety of luminaires use LED or fluorescent sources, and can provide a wide variety of sports lighting applications for Tennis Courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts, Sports Courts, badminton, shuffleboard courts, bocce ball courts and are available with LED or fluorescent sources.

Today LEDs are still highly evolving and will continue to evolve until around 2020 according to D.O.E. sources. Magnaray fluorescent units compare in light output and performance to LEDs of nearly the same wattage, and provide 60,000 hours of useful life while maintaining 90% lumen output, compared to 70% lumen output for LED sources. Lamps are available from any electrical supply company and some hardware stores.

  • W2PL50

  • W4PL5096

  • W2PT5024

  • W4T554EB

  • W4C3296EB

  • W2C96EBH0

  • W2C3296EB

  • W2C32EB

  • W2PL55

  • W2PL40

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