Wildlife-Friendly LED Lights: Turtle Flood Lighting Applications

Magnaray® International announces the creation of Turtle and Wildlife Friendly Luminaires for mounting on building external ceilings, walls, and a series of flood luminaires – both styles using approved “amber” LED sources. All luminaires are CSA listed for Wet Location. All floods can be ground or building mounted, with optional 3 or 4 sided blinders available for each style (ceiling/wall or floods), providing full cut-off capability.

Artificial Lighting Threat

Artificial light is very harmful to all species of sea turtles, discouraging fertile mothers from nesting, and hatchlings from making it to the water. In Florida, this is an very important issue as it is home to 90% of all sea turtle nesting in the United States.


  • WLED26A

  • WLED15WA

  • WLED10A

  • WLED96A

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